Yep. You are working in the wheel arch and have to use a torch to see what you are doing. I suspect that mine was "easy" because the rear end has recently been stripped and fully rebuilt. The adjustment was required after the new handbrake pads bedded into the old discs having been used a couple of times at motorway speeds to grind them in. I did adjust them off the car, but obviously that all went out of the window when I bedded them in. I must admit, I was expecting the self adjuster to take up the slack, but maybe it just dosn't want to play, they are notoriously un-reliable even when well maintained and fully greased as mine are. Removing the pin was really hampered by the fact that I had fitted it from the top. (In my opinion the correct way) but I did put it back from the bottom.

The effort was all worth it though, the car passes the MOT check for the brakes today but failed on the front shocks (see other post).