Hi all,
i have a small problem with my SRV8 which i`am hoping i can get resolved, my question is has any other owners of Southern Roadcraft Cobras, re-routed there steering column linkages above there headers rather than down and through them as i have on mine.
The reason i`am asking is i have the long rod section of my linkage coming out of the steering rack which i believe is an MGB one, this then goes inbetween my first header but and this is the problem, runs itself directly in front off no.4 spark plug or 2nd from the front. this on my Edelbrock Performer RPM heads means i cannot without a major struggle remove this plug as i have had to do today.
So when looking at the problem after giving up on this plug after changing the rest for new ones, got me thinking that if the linkages and rods could run straight from the Jag steering column to the 1st uv joint using the longer rod from the rack,where at the moment it drops down under the headers with a smaller rod, to then run above the headers to another uv joint.
At which point after the front header i could use the smaller rod to then run into the steering rack if the splines match, so its a reversal of the rod set up i have at this moment, but this means i have access to the plug and also cures the steering rod rubbing slightly on my front header because i miss-calculated on the bend on this header section as it bends down and away from the cylinder head, if all this sounds confusing i apologise its just hard to explain.
Simplified, I`m hoping that it can be remedied simply by a reversal of the long and short rod of my linkages and re-routing above my headers, but advice as wether this would upset the steering or not, if the short section will fit in the rack,and has anyone done it this way pics would be appreciated if anyone has done i different to the awkward way it is now,maybe just observable fro pic,
thanks,Attachment 28963