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    Unless anything changes to alter the weight distribution or you change the adjustable spring seats, the corner weights shouldn't change significantly. The idea with corner balancing is to get the sum of the weights of diagonal pairs of wheels to match i.e. the weight on the F/O/S + R/N/S = F/N/S + R/O/S. This should be done with the equivalent weight of the driver (and passenger if that is how it is mostly driven) in place and a half tank of fuel.
    The weights are adjusted by altering the spring seat positions on the shock absorbers and it is amazing how tiny adjustments will make a significant difference to the measured weights. When mine was done, I was able to get within ½kg for each pair, which I was pleased with.
    Corner balancing on its own won't make a noticeable difference, unless it was massively out in the first place, but when it is done in conjunction with a comprehensive alignment, the difference can be massive.
    With regard to tyre temperatures, I ran my Goodyear BB's at 28psi all round following numerous runs and temperature readings. If you take the temperature of the tyre at three points across the tread i.e. inside shoulder, middle and outside shoulder, you should aim for a linear change in temperature. If the centre is high relative to the ideal straight line, lower the pressure and vice versa. If the variation across the tyre is too great and the inside shoulder is too high, then reduce the camber and vice versa.
    I suspect many of our cars are running with tyre pressures too low and the tyres are acting as the suspension because the shock absorbers have been set too firm.


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    Quote Originally Posted by psh View Post
    Stan, regarding my braking issue (see stub axle rotating post) ,are corner weights something which can alter all by themselves,because the car braked absolutely fine for the first 1500 miles or so, and i have not kerbed it or wellied it around corners or fiddled with anything, and the car has only done a total of 2000 miles since build. The previous owner also put the car through an MOT just to make sure it passed and double check all was ok with the car. My local Vauxhall dealer put the cobra on their MOT rolling road and it showed up the o/s/f brake 33% down on the n/s/f brake efficiency , so would this rule out the chance of it being down to "corner weights" ,and more down to an actual braking issue
    I'll qualify my answer with I'm no an expert.....I'm not really sure if corner weights will change as springs age. What normally happens is the car settles down and the ride height is adjusted up, its this adjustment that can unbalance the car. From my own experience I had a slight pull to one side, I had the brakes checked and were near enough perfect. I then discovered the corner weights were significantly different although the car looked OK. Balancing the weights cured the pull. Sounds like you have brake issue.

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