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    VIDEO: Superformance featured on How It's Made: Dream Cars (s2ep11)

    Check out this episode of How It's Made: Dream Cars (s2ep11), which features the Superformance brand of Cobra replicas built in South Africa by Hi-Tech Automotive.

    The program can be viewed on YouTube, although for some weird reason the sound and image seem to have been somewhat altered.

    There's supposed to be a better version of the program at the following weblink, but I can't tell for certain because it won't work on any of my computers: Superformance MKIII | Scripube
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    another exact replica of a Carol Shelby 427 with a fiberglass body and a box section chassis, and if they got one of there technicians to work on the mold a bit the other poor sod fitting the doors wouldn't have to rub down so much filler
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    Link works for me. Thanks for that.

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    Link took me to the webpage, but the video was so slow to load, I thought it wasn't going to work. But it did and I enjoyed the video. Thank-you.

    Overall, I saw places where a bit more effort would likely be done by a home kit builder vs. their production line workers, but there's no denying the end product looked nice.

    Assembling that windshield looked like a mess that I wouldn't want to clean up, but I admit the finished product looked fine.

    Lots of nice equipment in that plant. Homemade jigs look good, although the ones holding (almost) finished product could have some parts rubber dipped. Looked like they dropped that newly chromed windshield into two bits of rough edged square tubing. Scratches, scratches....

    I'm not really trying to be nit-picky. I was quite impressed with their vehicle and the positive comments I could make are no match for actually watching the video. Lots of nice parts and pieces coming together.

    But as I'm mentioning a few negatives, I must say that dust masks ought to be issued to those who sand fibreglass.....

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