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    I finally got around to finishing up my Reference/Owner's Manual.... sort of. Mysteriously, it's like the car itself and may never really be finished. I've run into three issues while trying to finish it off.

    The first is dealing with the confusion of how to print both sides of a single sheet while keeping the pages in order. Doubly difficult as each sheet is two columns with the intent being it will be folded in the middle. For example, a sheet might have page 2 to the left and page 7 to the right with the other side having page one to the right and page 8 to the left. It felt like I was dealing with a Rubik's Cube all over again!

    The second issue was dealing with a stapler. I don't have one deep enough so I had to lightly fold some pages to fit in order to staple in the center of the sheets. I'll do another printing and find/borrow a larger stapler.

    Three; after incorporating many good suggestions, it turns out I'm temporarily missing some part numbers. For example, I forget the P/N of the sparkplugs, so will have to take one out to find out. Must look at the fan-belt for a number as well. That sort of thing.

    All in all I'm pleased. I'll keep one in the glove-box and another with my Cobra "stuff", i.e Assembly Manual, parts information, etc. I'm done for a while, but next will be to re-do my parts list as another document.

    This came out better than I had thought thanks to those who made suggestions in this thread. Once again, Thank-you!


    “A prudent person profits from personal experience, a wise one from the experience of others.”

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    Hi John,

    Maybe something like this?

    Kiel and Duncan (dad and the lad errr young man now)

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