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Hi everyone, and Happy New Year to you all.

Did Santa drag those Edelbrock aluminium cylinder heads down the chimney that you’ve been begging for all year? Or did you just make do with a stylish Shelby Cobra key ring?
As you know, we didn’t have a monthly meet in December but instead had our annual Christmas evening meal and get together. We were treated to the usual alcohol fuelled chat and nonsense and all very carefully pulled our crackers (in expectation of the aforementioned keyring falling out) and told the mandatory side splitting jokes. Some amongst us were staying in the pub’s guest rooms so made full use of the very welcome hospitality – and, no doubt, a full English breakfast the following morning. Our first turkey dinner of the season … Cheers.

Fortunately, the weather has been unseasonably mild. But, instead of snow, we have been treated to plenty of rain, so I don’t expect many people have ventured out into the wild in an open topped sports car recently. Our usual New Year’s Day blast in the cobra was missed as we were fighting the hurricane winds in Penzance. Hopefully January will see some more of the sun so that we can get back to scaring weasels along country lanes again!

We’ve received a full report from Mark Buxton of the Spa Six Hours Classic event in September.
Thanks to the marvel that is ‘cut and paste’, we’ve reproduced it below.
For those who have never heard of the Spa Six Hour event it’s a must for any classic motorsports fan. As the name suggests the main event which takes place on Saturday afternoon is a six hour endurance race with mainly cars of the sixties, this year there was 12 GT40s, 4 Cobras, 3 Daytona Coupes, 9 E-types, 18 Mustangs and every other example of similar cars of that era, 109 in total. So as you can imagine 109 cars starting at the same time is an amazing spectacle and glorious noise, plus the race starts on the old start finish line so you are so close with the grandstand nearly on top of the track.

Also over the weekend there is 11 other groups racing including 'Masters Gentleman Drivers Pre-66 GT car (38 cars, similar to six hours but no GT40's), Woodcote & Stirling Moss trophy's in same race so 53 cars in total (Jaguar C & D Types, Lister Knobbly, Lotus 11 & 15 etc), Under 2 litre touring cars so great to watch 20 or so Lotus Cortina Mk1s battle is out with the Mini Coopers & others!, Masters Historic F1 30 + cars of 70's & 80's with wonderful true F1 sound! Plus many more to make the trip so worthwhile.

One of the main factors I love about the event is that you have full access to all the paddocks all of the time as spectators are outnumbered but teams by at least 2 to 1, so there is absolutely no crowds! This allows you to have a good look at the cars talk to the teams and drivers (if they speak English!). Another worthwhile thing to do is to wander round the whole track as there is a great view of cars coming up the hill from Eau Rouge and looking down on cars at Kemmel Straight, does take a couple of hours but worth it. At the end just to the side the new start finish straight is a massive car park for Classic cars which have free entry, this is also certainly worth a look, you can even travel there of the Seaside type train from the paddock!!

This year was the first year in 20 that you could buy tickets direct from organiser rather than through ticket agents. This year’s event cost me £72 for two of us, this includes 3 day entry, paddock & grandstand access, parking, access to Hospitality suite (include 3 free drinks each) on the Saturday, what a bargain! ok there is the ferry and accommodation costs (no one really camps!). This year we stayed 5 minutes from track in Stavelot in a really nice B&B, to make the stay more interesting the other people staying were racing teams including two drivers, both were driving a TVR Grantura in the six hours and one was also driving a Morgan SLR in the Masters Gentleman drivers, great bunch to chat to over breakfast and in the evening over a few beers!

If you like the pomp and ceremony of Goodwood and not to bothered about the racing this event is not for you, but if you want to go to what can be basically described as a club event on a massive scale, with all the best cars of the era, at one of the best tracks in the world you just must go at least once (but take your brolly!).
Thanks Mark, it sounds an amazing event, one to put on our list for the future.

We’ve had an email from Steve Wolfenden about a very interesting article on the Classic and Sportscar magazine website about a trio of Shelby Cobras on a tour through Arizona. Here’s the link if you fancy a read –

Dennis Payne has emailed us about a prospective Classic Car get together –
I am the organiser of a Toy and Train model fair (J&D FAIRS) at Copdock Hotel (Cameo) Ipswich (on the old A12) and are looking to arrange a classic car meet in conjunction with our fair; any car club members would be able to attend the fair at half price (£1.25 -normally £2.50). If your club is interested in attending at the Copdock Hotel; there is a very large car park behind the hotel and there will be refreshments in the hall where your members will be able to source models of their cars and much much more. If your club members are interested could you give me a call on 01953 861348. (Bikes also welcome)
The dates are: all 2016; JAN 24TH, APRIL 24TH, JUNE 3RD, SEPT 18TH, NOV 27TH (ALL SUNDAYS FROM 10.30 UNTIL 2.30)
If anyone fancies a get together please let Dennis or us know.

We mentioned last time about the event next June at Brands Hatch, the American Speed Fest. There appears to be quite a bit of interest in this on the www.cobraclub.com forum. The event features many car club displays, on track action including the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, classic V8 saloons and BriSCA Heritage stock cars. Put Sunday 12th June 2016 in your calendars. Let’s have a convoy from us East Anglians crossing the river to Brands Hatch. More info here – http://www.speedfest.co.uk/

…..and so, to this month’s meet on Sunday 17th January @ 12:00.
We are in the area of West Suffolk this month.
As suggested by Mark Bright, how about The Trowel and Hammer, Mill Road, Cotton, near Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4QL http://www.trowelandhammercotton.com/ and 01449 257381.
Mark says they have a good sized car park and a good menu available. Now all we need is good weather!
Don’t forget to phone and book if you intend to dine please. The pub is west of the A140 / Mendlesham village. That SatNav you got for Christmas will guide you there.
We’ll see you there!

The CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2015 has been well thumbed – it’s about time we ordered the 2016 edition. We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
If you have a recommendation or favourite venue, please let us know.
January 2016 - West Suffolk
February 2016 – East Suffolk
March 2016 - West Norfolk
April 2016 - East Norfolk
May 2016 - West Suffolk
June 2016 – East Suffolk (and La Sarthe)

We’re always on the lookout for pub recommendations and event info for 2016 – if you have a recommendation or favourite venue, please let us know.

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