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I just renewed with Flux again, £300 but after discussion it dropped to £275. Now the interesting point. They brokered on behalf of Trinity but both added an admin fee which was broken down in the quote, hence the discussion. Approx breakdown of the £300 was

Flux admin -£45
Trinity admin ~£44
Premium ~£187
IPT ~ £14

Unfortunately I had left it to the last minute (night before Silverstone Classic) to renew but on principal I would have left Flux with a third of the policy cost being fees. I will be looking very closely at the renewals I have with them going forwards.
Fees, don’t you just hate them! In the old days plying your trade was what was done to earn a living. Now you have to be charged for them to earn a living. Insurance-admin fees. Buy a car-admin fees. Restaurants-service charge etc. There must be many more!