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    Ford 289 5 bolt potentially for sale

    I have a complete, good running Ford 289 that I'm seriously considering selling. It's the early 5 bolt block which I'm informed is quite suited to Cobras, being the engine originally used. Its a C4oe-6015-c block and has matching c40e heads that have had lots of port work done by I.C.E. Racing engines many years ago. Only snag is it has a 302 crank. But that does afford a bit more power and torque having the extra cubes. Is this something that would appeal in the cobra replica world?

    It's currently in my 68 mustang, but I have a 351w to build and as much as I'd like to have a cobra replica to put it in, that's really not likely to happen unfortunately.

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    might want to join and post on the 289 forum...

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