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    AK 427 Gen 2 and extras reluctant sale

    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately, I have had to accept to myself that I do not have the time to build my dream car.

    I purchased the chassis etc in 2010 after retiring from the Army but since then I have moved home (and am about to move again) but am stacked out with work 7 days a week and don't get time to breath let alone build. (as well as having a sumo that I kept longer than initially intended and diverted me from my build).

    I put the running gear together to enable me to move it when we moved home in 2010 but I recommend that it be looked at again. I have not touched the car since 2010 and it has been sat in my garage waiting for the time that I can carry on with it. I have had to admit that this time is many years away and I just get miserable every time I go into the garage so "bumble" has to go.

    The kit consists of:

    Gen 2 Chassis in black powder coat
    Body in Double Gel coat (yellow) with Aston filler cap recess
    Door, bonnet etc pre-hung by AK and still has the original masking tape over the gaps.
    Dashboard blank
    Stainless engine bay cladding - fitted and still covered with protective film
    Power steering system for Chevy (including steering rack)
    Stainless steel brake flexies
    XJ40 handbrake cable
    Shocks and springs
    Triple nose cone vents
    3 Leg roll over hoops x 2
    Stainless header tank
    Stainless fuel tank
    Pedal box
    Jaguar drop away handbrake lever
    heater box
    build wheels
    XJ40 running gear - exchange parts from AK and fitted
    V5 in my name SORN
    BMW steering column
    EBC Ultimate sport slotted brake disks
    EBC greenstuff pads
    Refurbished front and rear callipers - wards
    Polo heater
    Brake servo

    This is an ideal situation for anyone that wants to start their build straight away without having to wait for kit build times and cheaper than buying all of the parts separately and having to hunt some of them down.

    I have put it on the forum before I advertise elsewhere as I want it to go to a deserving home.

    Realistic offers considered

    Thanks for everyone that reads this and I will eventually get to build my own car when I properly retire and don't have to worry about working 7 days a week.

    Cobra-less for the next few years, but I will be back

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    Don't do it, I retired from the Army as well and now am the proud owner of a Cobra I built myself. It took me 6 years and lots of arguing with the wife but now well worth it.

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    Hope you get the price you are after but I'm with dobbo, unless you need the money the price you paid for the parts will be significantly less than it will be to rebuy them when you have the time.

    If you really intend to do it one day, keep it there in the garage for the day you suddenly have time. Having been through divorce, moving home and job and working towards the MBA I know just how much life can change in a short space of time - that time could be right around the corner.
    AK GenII, collected 11th September 2015, passed IVA March 22nd 2017, On the road Friday 28th April 2017.
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    If I find a quick buyer for my completed car I might be interested, but not until at least the end of March. I'll let you know when I've sold the one I've got !

    Craig Perry

    No, I'm not "repairing" it, I'm fine tuning its performance.

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    Hi can you pm me ,with your number , I have cash. 07735 343444 .

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    Advertise too late for me I paid a deposit for most of that lot last week with AK 🙈

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    Private message sent

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    Hi, thanks for the interest everyone.

    "Bumble is now off to a new home"

    I will eventually get to build "Bumble" in the future when my workload has slowed down. To stay with yellow or go Tango Orange, hmm, years to make up my mind.

    I wish everyone the best with their own builds and cars.

    Neil (think I'll need to change my signature as well now as i am cobra-less)
    Cobra-less for the next few years, but I will be back


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