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    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the in depth reply and thanks for including the figures. That's really appreciated.

    Yes, hugely undecided about what I want. Well to be honest - Cobra is definitely my first choice, but I really cant justify at this stage dropping £25-30K on one. £20k at a push, yes.

    The 996 turbo is a really nice looking car, especially in silver - but I know what you mean about it. Still - you got a ridiculously good ROI on that! Well done! I know that buying a Cobra would never see returns like that - at least not as quickly as that.

    I toyed with the idea about 4-5 years ago of buying a 993 Turbo. There was a cracking one for sale black, with full Porsche history/stamps for £16-18K. I just looked them up now and some of them are £95K! :O

    I probably wont be looking at the bike powered cars, but they were just on my mind due to the fact that they are much cheaper. There are a lot of very nice replicas that i like the looks of, such as the 550/718 RSK, Ferrari 330 P4, Ferrari 250 GTO, Asoton Martin DBR1, GT40, Cobras etc. But realistically for the price I am looking at the only realistic ones are 550/718s, 250 GTO and Cobra.
    Non replica - I'd be looking at probably TVRs.

    I dont really want to be buying a sporty little car as an investment - although it would be awesome if it shoots up in value, as it could open up doors for more exciting things later on.

    I will have spare money left over. I am in the final stages now of selling my boat (40ft sailing boat) which will free up some more capital. At the end of April I would probably have about £50K or so in the bank. I have already paid off a lot on my mortgage (around 60% remaining). Regardless of the car purchase, I will still be able to make the maximum overpayment (10% of remaining mortgage) per year including repayments monthly.

    I toyed with the idea of using the money to buy a 2 bed flat or town house and renting it out, but its definitely not as fun, lots of tax to take into account, stress/hassle, have to deal with solicitors and I generally cant be bothered.

    I dont want to buy a car that I am going to get bored of after 12-18 months, which I definitely dont think will be the case with a Cobra.

    Very undecided on things at the moment. Lots of options for me to explore - which is a good position to be in I suppose.


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    Dax Tojeiro - Mike Huddart 383ci stroker, dark blue with wimbledon white stripes, retro racing decals.

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