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    Those T7 heaters are really just a big computer colling unit.
    I used one in the Contemporary.
    Fine for IVA demist but it won't warm your toes.
    I know some folks are fitting two of them.
    On this build I've gone with the standard Dax heater unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul barber View Post
    Just realised its the same/ similar heater matrix shown in Dave A's picture above. Powered it up this morning has a powerful fan for the size of unit
    Yep that's what I've got, mounted high up above the passengers toes. The in/out pipes come through the bulkhead on a reducing flange through-mount thingy which I think I also got from T7 when I bought the heater. It was something like 5/8 (I think) on one side for the engine heater circuit hoses, then whatever size the heater matrix needs on the other side. I used a heater control solenoid off an early 2000's Ford, mounted in the engine bay. I think it was off a Puma but was probably common to Puma/Fiesta/Focus in the early 2000's. I made sure it was the H-shaped return type so when the heater matrix is off the coolant flows back to the engine.

    For IVA you will have to cover it with something solid (i.e. more than carpet) I used a sheet of aluminium. The fan seems powerful when you just put it against your hand but its really not that good and I've only got two vents on to the windscreen. Kev is right, its straight off a water cooling setup for a gaming PC. It got used for the IVA and never again since.


    Dave A

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    As long as its enough to get through the IVA job done cant see me needing to demist the windscreen with no roof on. Also from Yorkshire so don't need it to be 20 degrees before I turn the heating off

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    My screen mists up on the inside in cold/misty damp weather and the heater copes with keeping the screen clear. I also have no roof.


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