So, this is a bit of a long shot but nothing ventured. And really a shout out to my local Cobra owners. I am trying to find a workshop or space in a garage or workshop for two purposes. Firstly I need to relocate my Cobra to somewhere I can get access and secondly I need space to continue my Car Detailing work at the weekends. I'm near Woking Surrey and obviously I will pay for the space and contribute to water and electric. You can imagine it's clean and prep a car and then get it undercover for polishing and treating at weekends. My current location for my Cobra despite being very secure is not allowing me access when I want, so if I can't find somewhere the Cobra might have to go.

I have been looking for a while now so if anyone has anything available or knows anyone with some workshop space localish to me please let me know.

(By they way if anyone wants their Cobra detailed let me know, I can come to you if you have room)