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    Looking to build my first Cobra


    I'm new to the forum although have visited it many times while trying to decide whether I should build a cobra or not. Anyway, I think the time has finally come as I'm planning to sell my Z3M to fun a project.

    I've built kit cars in the past, and have done extensive work on cars, restoring them, tuning them etc. Professionally I'm an engineer and work in the motorsport industry.

    Anyway, skipping to the end, I would like to know what your thoughts are about what I want, and if you can offer any advice.

    I want to build a 427 replica, I'm not really fussed about it looking exactly right, but I like the look of the old beaten up race cars, with low slung suspension and matt black side pipes. I'm not really after the more hot rod style of replica. The other side to it is that it needs to handle well. I don't want to build a car that needs all sorts of chassis/suspension mods to get it to work properly. This has lead me to the following options:

    GD Mk4 euro - From and engineering side, this looks like the ideal cobra. However, I've not seen any with deep dish 16inch rims or side pipes - is this possible on a GD?

    RAM 427 - I've seen some really nice ones of these, but is the chassis still in production? I thought Realm built these, but they just seem to have Jag reps on their website.

    AK427 lightweight - the ruby car I saw a couple of years ago at Stoneleigh was exactly the right look. However, I'm not entirely convinced by the chassis, it looks like it was originally based on a ladder frame and then adapted to improve it.

    XCS 427 - The chassis looks really good, but I've never see any of them around. There's the one pretty special demo car, but I haven't seen any others. It'd be nice to see one with a more retro look.

    Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to the club, the first thing to say is you really need to visit the various manufacturers, but as for the GD yes you can have the dished wheel and the side pipes, Not sure of the origins of the AK chassis but it has been made to be stiffer but the similarity to the other chassis could be because of the way to mount the body. But for a more informed answer to your question a vis to the company's is your best bet. You won't regret your decision what ever way you go.

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    Hi Charlie,

    Welcome to the club

    Two more options are Dave Brookes alloy car, very original car and Crendon pretty authentic fibre glass car.

    If you can make the Stoneleigh most manufactures will be there.

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    Welcome Charlie. I'm about two thirds of the way into my first build and there is a lot of really helpful info all over the forums and many helpful folk who are kind enough to respond when you get the odd difficulty.

    I had the same thoughts re. XCS but it seems, as Peter responded, that building a retro version isn't possible, due in the main to the large brake disks and suspension setup not allowing fitment of the original style 15" wheels. Crendon could could be the with your build. Tris

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    If you want black sidepipes and old school looks......

    now under new ownership.

    A lot depends on your budget.
    Where are you located?
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    Let me say at the start, I have just completed a GD Euro - dalescobra.blogspot - so I am biased!

    GD do a Euro Classic now, which allows for deep dished wheels. This is fairly new and mine is not a Classic (they did not do it when I got mine). The GD chassis is what sold it to me, but GD are relatively expensive. They are reputed to be one of the best on track, but are also a very good ride on our roads.

    You can fit side pipes, but it is not as easy as some other makes apparently, due to the chassis and compartments behind the front wheels.

    The AK is also good, but to answer your question, I think it is based on the AK ladder chassis, but stiffened and lighter.

    Others worth considering are mentioned above, but do go to the manufacturers as recommended and talk to them to see what they produce. I did.
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    Another GD owner here, I've gone deep dish but on 18"

    Alan's blog and a forum member has done something similar to what you're after a few years ago but on the Jag chassis.

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    Yay Black side pipes we love

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    The days of bolting Cortina suspension to a basic ladder chassis and hoping for the best are thankfully long gone. All of the modern kits if properly set up will handle just fine for road use. Unless you plan to race the car in which case adjustable and/or modifying the suspension is going to be important.

    For a road car the key is to ensure that the suspension is properly aligned, sounds obvious but its often overlooked. After that you have a 1000kg car, with a short wheelbase, no traction control, wide grippy tyres and usually an insane surfeit of torque. The original "horseshoe and hand grenade" car. If ultimate handling is the goal then a Cobra is always going to be a compromise unless you re-engineer it I suspect. Certainly if you drag race one, applying traction with little weight over the rear axle rapidly becomes the limiting factor.

    The XCS is a development of the Dax, by an ex Dax employee and puts camber compensating suspension at both ends where as the Dax only uses it at the front with a dedion set up at the rear. Tonnes of grip. It would be a good place to start your search by going and having a chat with Gary.

    Welcome to the place
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