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    Hello mate

    Trying googling top 10 free photo sharing sites and have a try of them. I tried loads after photobucket, but found Imgur most user friendly. Each to their own of course
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    I'm using Imgur now, and am successful although the plethora of choices for links can be confusing as sometimes the one you think ought to work, doesn't, yet another does. Plus I still havn't figured out how to make an album so I can organise things better. However I'm sticking with it for now.

    Now.... I never liked Google Chrome as in it's earlier days it would cause my computer to lock up and I had to delete it. I recently tried it again and it seems fine. The reason I tried it, is that more and more websites seem to lock up when I use Internet Explorer, yet they work fine with Chrome. I suspect it has something to do with the number and type of advertisements on some webpages.

    Now that I am using it more, I have downloaded a Photobucket Hotlink Fix from the Chrome Web Store. It is free and takes only a second or two. After downloading, I checked a few old posts in a couple of different forums where I used Photobucket linked images, and I could see them all fine.

    I can't see ever using Photobucket again, however it is nice to be able to see Photobucket pictures in old threads. The self-appointed Forum Police often get a little snotty telling you to use the "Search" function before asking a question already discussed. Well, if I do, and I find something relevant, it's nice to see images in the particular thread.

    Here's a link to downloading plug-in, or extension, or whatever it actually is:

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    Thanks for the info guys - just a test image

    Got there finally .....
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