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    Recommended trimmers - West Sussex?

    Can anyone recommend a decent trimmer in West Sussex for a simple tonneau modification? I need someone to cut two new roll-bar holes, trim the edges and fit a Velcro closure to an existing tonneau. I have a full-size paper pattern which I guess means it doesn’t really need to be local, though I'd prefer to talk it through in person.
    Any suggestions welcome.
    Thanks in advance,
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    I have a mate/trimmer in Egham Surrey - near Heathrow who is good. If no other option becomes available send him the tonneau and pattern
    Contact him on 01784 477477 and ask for Grahame and mention Chris from Abu Dhabi
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    There are a couple of guys around - I used a guy in Ansty to trim my dashboard when I had my sumo.
    There is also Polyfacto down in Hailsham that I think provides Pilgrim with their trim (well they used to anyway).
    Are you a member of SADCASE? If so, there are few recommended people on their website.

    Google is your friend. And as an aside, the annual SADCASE show is this Saturday (details on website/facebook) - kit cars welcome, but if you want to display, you'll need to queue up very early!
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