Any one else interested in coming along to the 'East Anglian Practical Classic & Sports car show', held at the Oaksmere Hotel, Brome, Eye, on 17th September -

’ve received more details on this show –
We will be pleased to see your Club on the 17th September. How many cars do you think would like to attend? We will not be issuing passes. At the moment we have approx. 140 cars booked in and still waiting for final numbers from some Clubs.
We would like cars to be in place by 10am please. The show is a non commercial one with the emphasis on supporting our 2 charities as well as having a good day, we hope, with other car owners. We have booked good quality food and drink; the Oaksmere will provide the bar and they will be open as well for lunches (but please book) and bar meals. However, we do understand that some car owners will wish to bring picnics. The main charities will bring their stands and we have a couple of other charitable stalls.
We will not charge car owners directly but there will be collecting boxes - all donations gratefully received. We will also hold a raffle.

So far, we’ve had a positive YES from – Us, Mark Bright, Mark Buxton, Andy Soar, Guy Beston – 5 cars so far - any more takers ??

Plus, we’ve now got a very nice club flag banner (kindly provided by central club funds) to identify us at shows.