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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd Barnes View Post
    At the risk of raising some hackles.....

    If this chap has had product stolen by "the former 427 motor company" then unless that company has been put into liquidation it remains liable regardless of whether someone else now owns it. If you buy a company, you buy not only its assets but also its liabilities. None of this is correct if the new owners have just bought the assets and liquidated the old company.

    Now that's pretty hard on the new owner too but its still the law. I wonder whether replacement parts supplied at cost might be an option?

    Just sayin......
    Hello Lloyd,

    427 Motor Company is still active (check at Companies House), they only sold the production of the Dax 427. The same they did a few years ago with the Dax Rush, which has been sold to M.A.N Motorsport.

    And I´m sure that John Kox will help what ever he can.
    Kind regards,

    Rocco Jansen

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    Still exist? So i guess they will resurface somewhere alongvthe line

    Anyway onward and upward

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    Here's my 'ten penneth'
    Those of you who know me are aware that I drive my dream car, as I'm sure most of you do, so I guess this gentleman is no different.
    Digressing slightly, I have been a member of the UK VMAX Club and we/they have helped members in similar situations.
    So, I have a pair of Dax Seat Runners, never fitted, available FOC to the gentleman concerned.
    Further, my Cobra is fitted with a pair of Side Pipes from Mr. Dave Brookes, no better sounding pipes imho.
    I would/will offer £250 towards a pair of the same for 'the build' .

    Hope this helps.


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    Just an update on this situation

    After a lengthy wait while I’ve been busy with Crendon development etc I am now pleased to say that I have recently collected John’s car and works are under way to get his car finished

    The whole situation now I have spoken to John in length and crawled over the car I’m afraid to say is shocking

    I am not one to usually write such things as this on an open forum but the treatment John had endured and the quality of what little work was done by the former Dax is shocking.

    He has had his sidepipes, dash, seats, parts of the wiring loom, steering column switches, shrouds and fixings along with various other minor parts taken along with substantial money paid in advance to have the car finished

    Headers were poorly made and mis aligned which are now all being re done to suit new pipes alongside various threads pulled in the cylinder heads during their manufacture.

    I am now working with my trade contacts to re acquire parts at a preferable rate given the circumstances and am doing everything as close to cost as possible in an attempt to end John’s nightmare and allow him to finally realise his dream of cobra ownership

    John is one of the nicest blokes you could meet. He runs various charities one of which is the Battle of Britain historical society which maintains the graves and names of the remaining special few.

    I had the pleasure of meeting his wife when we collected the car who is equally lovely and both of them have a nothing is too much trouble attitude.

    There will be a feature in a kit car magazine covering johns ordeal and the final chapter of works with myself.

    John has asked me that if any offer of help still extends to his situation it would be gratefully received.

    I appreciate me posting could be seen as bias so I will liaise with Lee the club chairman who I’m sure can vouch for the situation and possibly act as a middle man and liason between john, himself and me.

    Any help will be positively mentioned in the feature on completion of the car.

    I will keep this post updated with progress and John’s ongoing pursuit of remuneration through court proceedings against the former Dax company

    As mentioned before this has nothing to do with the new JK Sportscars company


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    Anthony you are a gentleman. I will be happy to support in any way possible. I would also be keen for an article in Snake torque. Hopefully we can get something positive from this situation showing how the cobra community can work together. Again the club will recognise the support from anyone or any company involved.

    Chairman UKCC

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    While I’m not in any position to offer any direct help, I am in a position to organise a little aviation related visit that would be right up his street and maybe take some of the sting out of his situation.

    Could you pm me some contact details and I’ll get in contact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie View Post

    While I’m not in any position to offer any direct help, I am in a position to organise a little aviation related visit that would be right up his street and maybe take some of the sting out of his situation.

    Could you pm me some contact details and I’ll get in contact.
    Maybe we could have a group run over to him, take him out for a run
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    I don’t know how it works or is set up but is crowd funding an option?
    That is truly shocking to use a customers car as a donor vehicle. I hope any legal action is successful and justice achieved.
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    Can you set up a Just Giving or My Donate page Anthony and then people can donate if they wish. It's disgusting what has happened to him. What lump sum do you need to get this car on the road?

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    About time S.J. shared a room with D.T!
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