Recently on a couple of occasions ,my AK has started to suffer from slow cranking , once the engine is hot and recently when I pressed the starter, it just clicked and would not even crank the engine, until I let the engine cool for a while ,then it span over fine. I know the battery is good, having had it checked when my alternator regulator gave up . I have read on the forum that these symptoms can be caused by starter motor/solenoid heat soak ,and sometimes solving it by fitting a remote solenoid, which is well away from any heat .

However I don’t understand how that would cure the slow cranking because I always thought the solenoid was just a heavy duty switch for the starter motor, and my solenoid has already engaged the starter ,as my engine is turning over ,and it’s the starter surely ,that is failing ? If I have got that wrong ,maybe someone could correct me please.

I know that heat can add resistance to the electrical efficiency of the starter motor/solenoid , so I have insulated my starter/ combined solenoid from the exhaust manifold heat, so if my problem is heat soak related, could the heat from the engine physically transfer across metal to metal be enough to affect the starter efficiency ?