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    I have an Easi-bleed and think it's a good way of doing the job (although IIRC I had to make up a cap to fit my res'), I prefer this to the vacuum pumps which fit to the nipple.
    However if you don't do the job right no amount of fluid through the system or different methods of bleeding will get the air out. Basically the nipple must be at the highest position, if the caliper is tilted in either direction (roll or pitch) you may get air in a high spot.
    I know that sounds like teaching your granny (or someone else's for that matter) to suck eggs but there was a thread on here some time back where someone just couldn't get the brakes bled. Every suggestion in the book went out but nothing worked until the OP mentioned the bleed nipples being on the bottom of the caliper.

    I've always steered clear of large containers of fluid, if you don't use it it is not a good idea to keep it as once the container is opened it the fluid could absorb moisture (so they say). Depending on cost I'd go for a number of smaller containers. It may well be BS but why take the risk?

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    I recall I filled my AK system with less than 1 litre. Start with the longest runs, don’t let the reservoir run dry in the process and if possible get a helper to press the pedal. If no helper, I’ve used a Vizibleed from Halfords to good effect - only about 6 quid I think. I looked at the pressurised ones and it’s really hard to fit them to the master cylinder on a Cobra for obvious reasons.

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