So although this is for my Dax, I figure the throttle cable assembly is very similar across the board, so.. I'd post it here

Anyway - I bought a Venhill universal car throttle cable kit as I remember reading they were a preferred option (quality wise) and now I have a bewildering array of bits and bobs that I can figure out are ferrules, adjusters and nipples (fnarr) but .. I have no clue where everything is meant to go! But I'd quite like to get it installed (at least the pedal end) before the engine is in, as access is muuuch better right now.

So, what I have is this little lot:

I was going to screw the quick-release style cable connections into the pedal arm or use a clevis for attachment rather than cross-drill the arm and use a barrel nipple - either way there is bugger all meat around the connection (~11mm arm, 5.5mm nipple or M6 stud!) but.. am I right in thinking that I should:

Fit an adjuster (largest) on the cable outer (they're just a loose sloppy push fit on the outer?) and then secure that to the top of the footbox (nut on each side) and then similar at the carb end, and then the natural tension will keep the cable outer in place in the adjusters (along with the shrink tube supplied)? Obviously the inner is then between the throttle arm on the carb and the arm on the pedal..

Not sure I'm a giant fan of the solderless nipples, but that's by the by I guess.. my over-engineering brain thinks the adjuster being bolted to the top of the footbox seems awfully weak and floppy by way of attachment, but maybe I'm over-thinking it.

Google as I might, I haven't found pictures of anyone elses throttle cable beside a close up of a pedal (GD) and close up of a carb, and the Venhill kit comes with a bewildering array of ferrules (do I even need those? They don't appear to fit 'inside' the large end of the adjusters), adjusters and nipples...

Confused of Northampton