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    Wheel spacers... Any ideas?

    Hi Chaps,

    I run 205/60/15 tyres currently on the front of my pilgrim - they look a bit narrow, so I want to go to 215's, and also push the wheels out a bit further still - both for visual purposes, and also because they rub a bit on full lock on the inside edge/wheel arch liner currently.

    My thinking is that 215's will need an extra 5mm on the inside (and 5mm on the outside) compared to 205's. So, if I fit an 8 or 10mm spacer it should give me 12-15mm wider track at the front which is nicer to look at, wider rubber, plus an extra few mm of clearance inside?

    I'm assuming I'll need to source longer wheel nuts! Might need to trim the body/wheel arch lip a bit too. Anyone used the universal wheel spacers from ebay? Is this all a dumb idea? will it affect handling/alignment at all?

    Any thoughts welcome.


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    There are few things to look out for when fitting spacers.
    You need to ensure that you have adequate landing on the hub to centre the spacer (if not your going to get out of balance) Look for hubcentric spacers.
    It sounds like you have studs in your hubs. In which case you either need to swap them out for longer stud or have a spacer that bolts to the hub and then the wheel bolts to studs in the spacer. I suspect that you will need to replace the studs for longer ones I’m afraid as 10-15mm isn’t enough depth to hide a nut in.


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    Id get the bigger tyres and see what happens before worrying about spacers.
    The older Sumoes sometimes looked a bit knock-kneed, so you might want to look at steering geometry before doing anything.
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