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    An update on the alignment problem I have.

    I started again placing the body on the chassis and getting both the front and rear hubs central. I then fitted the drivers door hinge, again without any spacers between the hinge and the chassis. Trial fitted the door again without ant spacers between the door and hinge arms. Please see photo below of the amount the door sticks out from the body, I have no adjustment to move the door in! Therefore I decided to take the body off again and do measurement checks on the chassis around the area where the door hinge fits. Luckily I still had my old chassis available for comparison of the measurements. I spent this morning checking both my old and new chassis measurements and it has became obvious the new chassis has a big mismatch where the panel for location of the drivers door has been welded onto the chassis. This explains why I have having the problems trying to fit the drivers door. So I will be contacting Pilgrim to see what can be done to sort this issue out.

    Thankyou to all who responded.
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