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    Hello from Hong Kong

    Hi all,
    I' joined the website years ago in 2013, was searching for a Cobra, but then financial situation got messed up, so I shelved the idea of ever getting a Cobra.
    But, things are better now, and I'm working in Hong Kong.
    So I want to pickup where I left off and look for a Cobra (it's one of the things on my bucket list, and I've been crossing stuff off as I'm starting to get on in the years, and some items I know I will never accomplish so I'll try and do the ones that I can, but thats another story)

    back to the car; I've spotted a total of four Cobra's in Hong Kong, they only make occasional appearances when some of the classic car clubs come out once a month on Sunday drives. I don't know what kits they are or what kind of V8's (either Rover or American)
    Once of them did show up in the local classified 3 years ago, I don't think it ever sold and the owner never renewed their ad.
    I've been keeping an eye on the local classified, but nothing yet in the last 2 years.

    So I'm debating buying one in the UK then shipping it to HK.

    By chance has anyone here shipped a car to HK?
    The import tax will be hefty tough
    the breakdown is as follows:

    • ​(a) on the first $150,000 40%
    • (b) on the next $150,000 75%
    • (c) on the next $200,000 100%
    • (d) on the remainder 115%

    for reference $150,000 HKD = ~14,200 British Pounds (at today's exchange rate)

    Ideally I'm hopping to find a DAX kit with an American V8 for ~25000GBP
    I don't mind a more rough car as long as it pass the inspection.
    I can always redo the paint, bodywork touch up, interior etc, after I get it imported. Seems better to buy cheaper up front to avoid the heavy tax, then do the up afterwards to bring it up to spec.

    I'm open to any suggestion or ideas you guys might have


    PS: I've attached the pic of one of the HK Cobra's
    I'm told it's made by Southern Roadcraft and was made in the UK in 1985 registered 2009, then shipped to HK
    This particular car is an automatic
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