Hi All

I'm building an AK Gen 2 and have fitted a Chevy 383 which was rebuilt and run in in Jan 2017 but has not been run since.

I've finally got to a point in the build where it is possible to try and start the engine. However, attempts so far have been unsuccessful. The engine cranks, slowly initially but then picks up, but does not start. I'm using an Edelbrock 750 carb and have checked that the floats, float bowls, needles etc. are ok. Which they are. I can see fuel being delivered to the carb and get the smell of unburnt fuel in the exhausts.

I'm using a Holley Mighty Mite electric fuel pump which is rated between 4 and 7psi (I know that Edelbrock carbs don't like anything over 6.5 psi). I've tried using starting fluid direct into the carb with limited success. The engine has started and ran for 1-2 secs, but then cuts out.

I'm using a Pertronix flamethrower hei distributor. I've reset the valve preload ensuring TDC on cyl 1, checked the orientation of the distributor (as I know it is easy to be 180 degrees out). Still no joy.

The engine has a new 3hp Hi-Torque mini starter fitted. The battery is new and is as advised by AK (heavy duty Bosch 500 amp). As cranking is initially slow and laboured, I thought I'd do a voltage check on the starter circuit to see if there were any issues. Using a multimeter, I checked:-

1) battery voltage - 12.7 volts
2) Voltage at the B terminal which should read 0. It read 1.2mv, 2.5mv when ignition turned on and 0.8v when the engine was cranked
3) Earth circuit voltage which should read 0. It read 1.9mv, 13.5mv when ignition turned on, and 3v when the engine was cranked
4) voltage at the S terminal. Before the ignition was turned on, the reading was 12.62v (which is ok as an open circuit). When the ignition was turned on, it read 12.61v. When the engine was cranked, it read 1.8v (which I understand should be 0).

Any suggestions on possible troubleshooting approaches for the above would be greatly appreciated.