i was out in my mates Dax and stuck in traffic by Porsche curves last week. After an hour or so she started overheating. Dispensing coolant from the header tank all over the road 4 gendarmes kindly pushed me into a safe area.
I sat on the side of the road awaiting rescue. Fortunately I had a team of helpers on their way with water and enough numbers to push me back to the campsite, if necessary.

What really hacked me off was after all the traffic had cleared a Jersey plated Cobra came down the road ...... the driver did everything he could in order to avoid eye contact and passed by without so much of a glimmer of care or concern!

My faith was however restored by various Brits who stopped and offered water, a tow or shove down the road.

Thanks to those who stopped, and 2 fingers the Cobra driver.