Re-posted here in case you miss it in the Events section - hope that's ok.

Cranleigh Classic Car Show and Autojumble Sunday 12 August 2018

I’ve not seen anything about arrangements for this, so I’ve gone ahead and registered the Cobra Club so that everyone attending can park together in a group. If you want to attend, you need to register before July 1st (that’s next Sunday). To register, follow THIS LINK , and use the club code RXIJ5YA. Using the code associates your booking with the club and will give you a parking space in the club area.

I hope that a few others will make it to the show – I’ve only been once before, but there were loads of interesting cars and people there, and vendors selling all sorts of bits and bobs, and it’s all for a good cause too. General info can be found HERE.

Hope to see some other Cobras there...