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    Sumo Mk3 Radiator swap

    Mine is leaking and needs to be replaced. Has anyone achieved the same without removing the body work? There doesn’t seem to be enough space to pull the old one out! Cheers
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    Jeff (?),

    Not done it myself but I believe you will be able to remove the radiator through the front wheel arch. Only problem should be if the inner wings have been fitted and bonded in place. If this is the case you may need to cut them out or make an access hole.

    Good luck with it, post how you get on so other can learn.

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    Check back on posts. Removing the rad is easy.
    Remove the nearside wheel, work out where the rad is and cut a 4 inch section out of the inner arch and remove. Undo the rad and it will slide out. After replacing the rad, screw some GRP or even metal attachments on the the cut out section of inner wing and screw back in. Seal up the gap with any proprietary sealant from the builders merchant and cover with underseal job done.
    I also fitted a Transit diesel rad from Ebay to mine, cost £69 and even when hot the temp sits at around 90 degrees. with two fans running it never overheats
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