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    Red face Black DMS Cobra - Newbie

    Hi All

    My name is Tom, i live in Horsham, West Sussex. Last month I purchased a black DMS Venom kit. Needs some bits sorting and still hoping to get it out on the road this year - before the sunshine disappears! It's got a classic mini wiper system which is a bit sluggish - hopefully sorted it enough for the MOT, needs the drivers seat moving forward a touch (im not a giant, the last guy was) and some electric bugs sorted - then on for the MOT!

    I'll post some pics soon.

    Feel free to introduce yourself, especially if you are local


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    Welcome Tom to the mad and crazy world . Lots of people are here to help with lots of knowledge so don't be shy to ask as our cars are not in your standard Haynes manual but you have a vast knowledge of experienced and wise people always willing to help. I see your Sussex area so find your local monthly meet ( I think it used to be Goodwood track ) but I am not in the area so sure someone will comment . All our cars are working progress and things always being worked on or changed .
    DMS Venom is one of your rare kits but you will find most of the running gear is standard believe DMS are fords.

    Good luck

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    Hi, My name is Frank Dowsett, Committee member for Hants / Sussex region, we still meet at Goodwood on the last Sunday of each month, at around 10 AM and convoy off to a different pub each time for lunch, send me your e mail address and I will get you onto our mailing list for the monthly newsletter, in the meantime come back to me with any questions.
    Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

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    Hi Frank,

    Great stuff - thanks! I'll send you my email via PM. It'd be good to get to know some local owners!

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