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    Quote Originally Posted by 1dayiwill View Post
    Here’s what Dax suggest.
    That was the page of the build manual I was thinking of. Saved me going up in the loft to find it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
    I think you could be right Clive. The car drives beautifully and handles really well, I find that on ordinary roads there's no problem whatsoever, but if you get up to high speed on an undulating road or one that has quite an uneven surface, it tends to become very twitchy and feels too precise as it then only takes slight movement of the steering wheel to make it "move" unnecessarily. It has a Fiesta rack fitted, but haven't a clue what it's set to regarding geometry as I've never had it checked since I bought it.
    Sounds like you might be suffering from bump steer possibly?

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