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    Quote Originally Posted by corn plaster View Post
    I knew i had heard the name Legendary before.
    Yeah that's the one and very same. He was trying to sell it for longer than I realized! Not that I care When I 1st saw it he had up for £26,500 IIRC by the time I went to look at it at the end of October 2016 he had it down to £20,500 He didn't make anything on it he took it in as a PX and stood him at £19,000. I didn't know that until after I bought it and went through the paperwork I got with the car.

    The seller is a motor-home dealer near Chesterfield. I arrange to go and see the car and then when I get there get told he's sold it to a German buyer and he was waiting on a bank transfer for the deposit blah, blah, blah !! I know it sounds big headed but I knew that I was going to buy the car and I told him that. I didn't haggle offered him £19,000 and left. Surprise surprise the following day I get a call

    Though about a year later I found this and then didn't feel quite so smug !

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    You did ok with the price. Dealers always have a mark up. I like it. Enjoy it.
    If you like it , which you do, all then is good.


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    The price it went for at auction along with premium and vat would have taken the cost to over 19k, so you can feel smug

    AK, on the road Oct 2012

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