View Poll Results: With the coming vote in parliament, I want to instruct my MP to vote to...

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  • Reject the Deal, and crash out the EU, and stick up your Junker!

    15 55.56%
  • Go with the Deal, it isnt great, but the only show in town

    5 18.52%
  • Reject the Deal and go back to negotiate again

    1 3.70%
  • Somehow get a People's Vote, (so we can remain, but don't say that too loudly)

    6 22.22%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Smile I'm a Celebrity, Brex me out of here....

    Dear Friends, Romains, Brexiteers and Waverers.....

    As we approach an historic moment in our history with anticipated TV debates awaiting: JC on ITV and the Maybot on the other words... A Remainer advocating Brexit, and a Brexiteer demanding Remain.....I thought this forum should not be immune from all the irony and the mess. So following on from my Poll in the lead up to the Referendum, i thought what this forum needed was some voting and discussion, and time time for another totally unscientific CRC poll.....

    I should have added, voting is anonymous, but feel free to air your views.....
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    Just leave !!! then do some deals because how they ever got to 5 hundred odd pages I'll never know .!! Il bet it mostly P.C ..Elf 'n' safety (that's cos it's nearly Christmas) and all that

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