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    Thumbs up McLeod hydraulic bearing / clutch update.

    Just a quick update for all of you who replied with help & advice on my solid clutch pedal problems.
    After returning items to Real Steel and confirming all of my measurements I had it all rigged up on the bench to confirm that the throw out bearing was working, at the weekend we put it back in with 2 spacers supplied with bearing but left the bell housing off and bolted the rear mounting in place so that the gearbox was in the correct position for overall length. A block of wood between the diff and rear of box allowed for a bleeding of bearing then trial, and hey presto it worked, then after a few good presses and a loud bang the nut inserts that I had fitted to the slave for ease of access let go. A rethink over a couple of days and it's all fitted and working albeit quite firm but I think this will improve with the seats fitted for height and driver position.
    I think the main problem before was the slave not sitting horizontally in alignment and with the incredible pedal force was jamming the cylinder, just read loads of posts on here last night to learn that a heavy pedal is not uncommon? I still think the slave in the dax bracket could be tweaked to sit on more of a neutral plane but we will see, now need to get the loom all fixed into place and get it running to do some finer clutch adjusting?
    Thanks again for all of your posts on this subject, cheers merry Christmas Mark.
    mark chambers
    Dax de Dion 350 Chevy

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    I managed to fit a clutch lever as per stock with external slave from Gerry hawkridge, lovely soft, massive leverage

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