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    Sumo Mrk3 Column Wiring

    Helpful info.
    After fitting the wiring harness to my mrk3 Sumo everything electrical was working except dip beam, main beam and washer motor. Following many hours of checking and rechecking my wiring I couldn't trace the faults so I called Mike at Pilgrim for any idea's, only to be told there are two types of sierra column light switches and I probably have fitted the wrong one. It turns out they look similar and use the same connectors but are wired different internally so the above wont work on the Pilgrim harness. The correct switch is a mrk2 and has a serial no beginning with 87 or 90 BG. The incorrect switch begins with 83BG and is a more square shape but looks very similar. Having traced the correct one on ebay and fitting, hey presto everything works fine now. There is no need to change the harness connections as they are the same for both types. Thanks to Mike for the info, Hope this helps someone.

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    I had a similar problem when I originally built my Sumo MK3 back in 2001. In my case the Pilgrim supplied loom worked OK with my sierra ~1987 column switches for everything except the washer motor. Operating the column screenwash button shorted the the battery feed! It didn't cause me a problem as I had been using a current limiting power supply to do my initial testing of the auxiliary wiring (background in electronics). Because the problem was within the column switch itself I solved it by using a small relay and a minor wiring change to ensure the column screenwash button powered the washer motor correctly. I remember it took quite a time to trace through the multiple wiring diagrams in the Sierra Haynes manual to pin down the reason for the problem.

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    When I wired up my AK with a universal loom which I cant remember where I got it from. They said in the instructions to identify which indicator stalks you have (I think the shape of the hazard switch indicated which it wa) and then it gave the instructions for either one using the same loom.

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