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    Thanks bud great info

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    It’s a v8 Rover

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    Hi Steve. I have a 20 year old Pilgrim Mk3 with a Rover V8 and Granada Mk3 running gear, rear discs as well and it seems fine so dont despair completely. Had the car a year.

    regards Geoff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steeevooo View Post
    It was a 2.0 1982 Granada maybe I should keep it fix the problem thanks again ������
    Just checking, but does the above refer to the rear axle and you are sure this is the case, and you aren't assuming that its an '82 Granada diff from V5 documentation or what you have been told?

    If you can't post pics here, put them on flickr and post a link. This would really be the best way to get advice on here.

    If you are running a RV8 in a Sumo with a Granada diff there shouldn't be too much of a problem, not withstanding the above issues in the thread. Some pics would quickly put these to bed or not.
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    Hi thanks big gee could I ask a favour of you could post some pictures of your axle shaft anything that we could compare with ours please

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    I can send some on what’s app 07956439409

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steeevooo View Post
    I can send some on what’s app 07956439409
    You have a whatsapp message with a pic of a mk2 rear end.

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