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Hi to you all, .. and a rather belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Chez Brown has been a rather hectic, cobra-free few months and the holiday season has been spent in the usual way. Eating too much and (maybe) one too many sweet sherries is now behind us and we are looking forward to a jolly, healthy and prosperous 2019. Let’s cross our fingers that 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’ keeps well away from the East Coast and we soon start to see warm and dry day’s so that a touch of open topped motoring can be enjoyed again. On the garage front, Steve has had the grand old Dax up on axle stands and has carried out a strip / re-grease / rebuild of the front hubs and a check and re-grease of the rear end. Now she is entering her 22nd year on the road, a few things are needing a closer dose of looking at, but that is to be expected. The annual trip to the Le Mans 24 Hours has been booked and paid for, now we need to scope out any other shows and events closer to home. How about you people out in East Anglian cobra-land. Are you attending to your winter maintenance schedules? Our spies report that the top-secret Frankenstein cobra in the ASM Skunkworks has progressed somewhat during the winter break. Maybe it will break cover this year?
The new year is upon us which turns our attention to this month’s meet on Sunday 20th January @ 12:00, and we’re off to East Suffolk again. We’re not anticipating much this month (in fact we will not be able to attend) but those amongst you who fancy a lunchtime get together, how about – The Wild Man, Bramford Rd, Sproughton, IP8 3DA - and 01473-742102. The food looks enticing (especially on a cold winter day). Enjoy! Don’t forget to phone and book if you intend to eat. We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format. If youhave a recommendation or favourite venue, or know of any worthwhile events in 2019, please let us know. January 2019 - East Suffolk February 2019 - West Norfolk March 2019 - East Norfolk April 2019 – West Suffolk May 2019 - East Suffolk etc. Steve & Eileen Brown Home - 01206 863804 Email – Photographs - © Steve Brown