Hello All, as some of you may know I will get a chance (not this year) to buy back the cobra I built 16years ago. The good news is that I get first refusal , I will pay a both through the nose , it that’s fine he knows I’m motivated to buy it.

Anyway the question is that I have already put together the mods that I want to do (early planning as am saving). One controversial one that many of you will hate is that I will have the grp dash hydrodipped as well as the steering cowels (carbon fibre) and an putting in a flip out sat nav etc (glove compartment). Also I bought the savage stainless buttons to replace the rocker switches.

Many years ago I bought the nice stainless stalks to replace the plastic ones.

I am also having jrv8 send me some new Rixker covers which have the better breather, and an also changing yhebjetting in the 500cfm carb.

The only thing outstanding that I need your advice on is those god awful mild steel manifolds - I have the originals not the new style ones. So my choice is to go simple and buy the new pilgrim supplied improved ones or get some even better ones made up (rocer block). Any thoughts ideas places to go welcome

I will also save for the prooer hard top as well