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Hi to you all, We’ve been here and there recently, hence this missive is later than planned. Additionally, we were ‘out of town’ for 2019’s season opener January meet at The Wild Man, Sproughton. Fortunately, our trusty field reporters Guy Beston and Andy Edmunds have kindly provided some words – Guy - The trip to the Sproughton Wild Man was fairly quick as Sproughton is very close to my home town, Ipswich. This trip was in the euro box as the salt on the road plays havoc with the ungalvanized bits of suspension under the Cobra.
When I got there, I found Andy Edmonds and partner Julie just about to tuck into Sunday lunch (it is a Carvery after all) and Andy’s way of getting around the awkward “How’s progress on the Cobra build”? question was some nonsense - “Oh I have had to do a lot of tidying up in the garage, anyway No Cobra today?” (Can you see what he did?)
To which I replied, “Well there’s a bit of a story which is a good reason why I left the Cobra to slumber in the garage”. My youngest son is building an extension on the back of his house and has a very tall pile of insulation which he is using as the build progresses. The day before he asked if, when I was at the workshop, as it is opposite Travis Perkins the builders’ merchant, could I pick up and store some insulation. Being a helpful dad, I agreed and went over to the builders’ merchant and asked about the insulation. “We will bring it to the front”
Well a pile 3 meters high appeared, and the photo shows my efforts to store it out of the rain!
Hope to see a few more people in March.

Andy –
Oh dear, it could have been “Billy No Mates” again! Well not quite, as I had taken Julie out for Sunday lunch. But there were no Cobras in the car park and no familiar faces in the Pub.
The Wild Man is a family run pub with a large restaurant and an extensive menu and, good for Sunday Lunch, a carvery. There was also a good selection at the bar and friendly staff to serve it. Whilst waiting for our food and quenching our thirst by the wood burner, who should arrive but Guy who had escaped from some domestic DIY for an offspring! (he does a lot of that).
The Pub is on a crossroads, so traffic is slow past it. Our ears were accosted by instantly recognizable thunder, a V eight! A blue Cobra went past the window but didn’t pull into the car park, very strange. Anyway, we enjoyed our repast and the conversation included DIY, building regs., offspring, health, cars, wood burning stoves, and might even have touched on, dare I say, Brexit! Our musings were again interrupted by a rumble outside so Guy leapt up, shot out of the door, and managed to get out onto the pavement before the blue Cobra had disappeared. Now here’s a thing, the driver of said car, a Gardner Douglas, was not trying to find the Pub for lunch, he and his passenger, had just visited a reclaimed building materials site down the road from where we were having a Club meet! What are the odds on that happening? A quick conversation was had with the result that we may have a new member and car at future meetings. Well done Guy.
Would I recommend The Wild Man, well yes, in fact Julie and I returned the following Friday for a Burns Night supper.

Many thanks for your reports chaps. In other news, do you happen to have a spare $13.75 million sitting around. Well, if you wanted to buy the first Shelby Cobra CSX2000, then you are too late! Steve Wolfenden has sent a link to a article regarding the sale in 2016. And so, to this month’s meet on Sunday 17th February @ 12:00, and we’re off to West Norfolk again. Hopefully no snow this month – like last year - but those amongst you who fancy a lunchtime get together, how about – The Swan, Brandon Road, Hilborough, nr Swaffham, Norfolk, IP26 5BW - and 01760 756380. There is a carvery option, so food looks good. Enjoy! Don’t forget to phone and book if you intend to eat. We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format. If youhave a recommendation or favourite venue, or know of any worthwhile events in 2019, please let us know. February 2019 - West Norfolk March 2019 - East Norfolk April 2019 – West Suffolk May 2019 - East Suffolk June 2019 - West Norfolk etc. Steve & Eileen Brown Home - 01206 863804 Email – Photographs - © Guy Beston, RM Sothebys