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Thread: Seatbelt Mounts

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    Don’t forget to earth the tank too, especially if it’s mounted on rubber/foam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coxmi2 View Post
    Thanks for the info Don.

    Not done the final fit of the fuel tank yet so a good tip

    I was intentending on using some strips of self adhesive foam (armaflex tape) under the tank for a bit of dampening. The 12mm you used sounds like thicker option then I intended, so might have to reconsider now I know.

    Hi Mike,
    I had a look at the Armaflex, it's only 3mm thick (if I've looked at the right one).
    I bought a 1m length, 4mm thick from , then cut it into strips and glued them together to make 12mm, rather than buy a 12mm thick piece, because the default width is 1.2m.
    I also ensured that this insulation not only went under the tank, but also extended past the brackets where the holding down bolts go through. This ensures no undue strain on these brackets.
    Regards, Don
    Vibration Matting.JPG

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