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    Yes, i've heard making slab bottom dashboards for the Dax body can be challenging as the standard dash that runs down to the trans tunnel curves in at the edges. Worth the effort though, it looks great and true to the original. I think I'll give this a bash this year!

    As regards the carpets, I believe a little imperfection is call 'patina' and should be embraced!

    I don't think my Ecurie Ecosse flag blue (A little nod to the John Tojeiro chassis & the Jag running gear) will hide them that well, but I have bought some pre cut clear PPF film stone guards from Aliath, so if you've only experienced a few chips I should be ok.

    Thanks Mate,
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    What I should have done is what I did on the rear deck to stop the seatbelts ruining the paint, I put wide strips of tough clear tape (helicopter tape) in those areas. In hindsight that would probably have been good for the small area on the rear arches that seems to attract the brunt of the damage, just the very lower front edge. I suppose I could do it to prevent any more damage but it wont magically fix whats already been done

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