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    Unhappy Sad news discovered today.

    Dear All. For some of us old timers on here you may remember user Grease Monkey. AKA Adrian from Bristol with a GD.

    Whilst reading the local BBC News today I chanced upon this report.

    Sadly I recognised the picture of Adrian as one of the vicitms of this tragedy. His partner also sadly died as a result of this incident, leaving children I believe.

    I know it happened over a year ago but it still a shock to read about it now, Adrian as a fellow Cobra/GD builder who helped me with my questions surrounding my build and even drove his finished car up to my house to collect a tool he had leant me.

    RIP GM.

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    Omg. I remember this incident as I was on that stretch of motorway that very day as it’s not far up from us.

    It was hard at the time to hear it as we are getting more and more fatal incidents on this local stretch on a regular basis.

    I am so sorry to hear it was one of our own and to think it had absolutely nothing to do with him. just wrong place and time and it could have been any one of us.

    My thoughts are with his family and children who’s lives will never be the same.

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    Sorry to hear this sad news, and from the official report it couldn’t have been avoided. New legislation on the maximum age of tyres could be in the offing. Adrian sounds like he was a generous and helpful individual who will be missed.

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    I remember Grease Monkey from here. Always helpful and humorous.
    What a totally shitty thing to happen. Two kids orphaned before their teens as well.

    I'm not completely in agreement that the horsebox driver couldn't have known the tyre might fail.
    Yes, he wasn't to know it would fail that day but 18yr old tyres? Seriously?
    I have a horse box and have had horse trailers before that. You know that tyres degrade in sunlight and are often needing replacement before the tread has gone.
    Also wondering what the tester looked at when it was last MOT'd. Surely an 18yr old tyre would have sidewall cracks etc.

    Anyhow....none of that and no amount of blame proportioning will bring those victims back.

    RIP Grease Monkey
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