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    Paint fuel tank - yes or no?

    Hi All,

    Just about to fit my stainless steel fuel tank in my AK and noticed there was some light surface corrosion on some of the weld seams. I and going to paint these with POR15 but wondered whether it would be beneficial to paint the whole tank. Being stainless it should be pretty corrosion resistant but having painted the seams it would probably look better fully painted even though it will only be visible underneath the car. Any thoughts?

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    Personally if I absolutely did have to paint the seams (shouldn't need to) I'd mask them off and just do that leaving the rest of the tank bare metal.

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    After welding up stainless the welds and the area influenced by the heat needs to be properly passivated, to maintain the anti corrosion propperties of the material. But even now, you still can, but the stuff we use is nasty. You need to have good acces to the tank, so preferably dismount it, and clean all the welds up with a stainless rotary brush in a drill. After all visible contamination is gone, best take it to a workshop where they do SS welding and ask them to do the passivation for you or take some of the paste with you and do it at home. It is nasty stuff, so be sure to wear proper ppe and dont breath the fumes.....
    BR, Theo
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