Hi All,
I've just about finished my engine build, a 347 SBF stroker (Eagle internally balancer 4340 crank, Mahle forged pistons, comp cams XE274HR cam, AFR heads, Edlebrock pro Flo 4 EFI. etc). So its to start thinking about the gearbox choice to go behind it - It seams the choice is really between a TKO or a T56 Magnum but I have a few question and would appreciate any feed back from those that have gone there before me.

1. Supposedly the t56 has a much smoother gear change, but how "bad" is the TKO?
2. the T56 is much larger - does it fit in an AK Gen3?
3. Has anyone gone for one of the TKOs and later wished they had gone for the t56 magnum, if so why?
4. Gear ratios, I have 3.58 open diff and will fit 17" wheels - I've had a play with the calculator on the Tremec website but all of the available ration seem to be a compromise between 1st gear ratio and the top gear ratio, so any advice here would be most welcome?

And on a related subject, It seems like most people fit an aluminium bell housing - but the thought of only having a piece of aluminium to protect my legs in the event of a cluch/fly wheel failure worries me, should I upgrade to a quicktime bell housing?

I know how much you all like pictures, so here are a few of the engine build https://photos.thegowers.me.uk/_data...6fbd66a-me.jpg https://photos.thegowers.me.uk/_data/i/upload/2019/04/26/20190426083604-4090eab1-me.jpg https://photos.thegowers.me.uk/_data...f9755ac-me.jpg