I've been watching the Indy 500 since I was quite young, maybe as far back as 1970 as I think I remember seeing Al Unser win. I definitely remember Johnny Rutherford winning in 1974. I really do like open wheel racing. I should watch F1, but it's on at such weird times and I never bother printing out a schedule. Most people hereabouts like NASCAR, but I don't. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. There's no longer anything stock about those cars, plus it reminds me of tag-team wrestling; both on the track and driver interviews.

So.... after watching the Indy for many, many years, my son got us each tickets to this years race for Christmas. He then promptly borrowed my credit card to make plane and hotel reservations!

On Thursday, the 23rd, I got up at 4:30 am and we drove the 1.5 hours to the Halifax airport, flew to Toronto, then to Detroit and finally landed in Indianapolis. I havn't traveled in about 15 years, and was in for a shock. There are virtually no taxis in Indianapolis. There's this Uber Service, which is kind of like a private driver who uses his own car. You need an "app" on your phone to schedule one. And for around downtown, there's electric scooters. You use the scooter scanner with your debit or credit card.

We did manage a taxi to the hotel, who of course took us the grand tour and charged us $50 for what should have been a 5 mile ride... and with his meter off so he could pocket the whole thing! Actually,, other than him, everyone we met was very friendly. Nice people down there.

Next, the hotel was great except for no restaurant and no bar! At this point I knew my son's wife had made the reservations....

So we walked a lot. Averaged 17 Km a day, and despite the rainy weather forecast, we walked way too much in the scorching sun. And my clothes were for a colder climate as the weather forecast I was checking before I left led me to believe it would be cooler due to rain and cloud cover. My face turned beet red from the sun. Flannel shirts got soaked and sweatshirts lived up to their name.

Worse yet, I decided against taking my dirty old garage sneakers and brought my new ones. Not broken in yet. Blisters upon blisters. Every step like walking on fire. Plus I was out of shape after sitting around doing more or less nothing all winter, so my legs and knees stiffened up and became sore.

And the irony is that my new sneakers are Dr. Scholls! I think it's a conspiracy with that company. Sell you sneakers which hurt your feet so you'll be compelled to buy their inserts!

But you know what? I had a great time! It was amazing. The sound of the cars going by was incredible. The speed was incredible (doesn't seem so fast on TV). Made the water bottle in my hand vibrate as each car went by. We were high up in the stands behind the pits and had a great view. Almost directly behind James Hinchcliffe's pit, the only Canadian driver. 7 second pit stops! Some of you ought to be familiar with the winner, Simon Pagenaud. It was a close finish with him winning by 2 tenth's of a second, but he deserved it as he led most of the race anyway.

The Speedway Museum was awe inspiring too. And on our few days off we took in a first class zoo and museum.

Downtown was fun. Great food, great bars and lots of pretty girls to ogle. The hotel had a shuttle that would take us downtown, but they stop after 9 pm. Fortunately we met a pretty female Uber Driver who we could text when we needed a drive, although the first night we got back to the hotel in some sort of rickshaw thing... actually a large tricycle with chain drive. The driver was a maniac, but I think we both had enough to drink we thought it funny at the time.

I didn't take many pictures with my now out-of-date digital camera, but my son did with his phone. Once I get them from him, I might post a few here. However I did take one especially for this forum. I noticed a car in Gasoline Alley with a jack under it. Same concept as they used back in the day for Cobra's. Thought you might find it interesting: