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    LS3 / Omex engine harness

    My Omex 710 ECU and engine harness has arrived today and I've laid it out on the floor to see what's there.

    LS3 engine ECU and wiring harness. by MarlinBuild, on Flickr

    All the connectors are marked up which makes life a lot easier but there must be a number of options on where to place the ECU, where to fit the idle control valve and how to route the harness around the engine. Does anyone have any pointers to the best way to approach this, where to fit the bits and how to route the various legs of the harness. From first inspection it looks like the leg to the injectors needs to go to the front of the engine and then run backwards to each cylinder.

    Thanks for any advise / pointers out there.

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    I spoke to Jon about this a while ago. He advised running the loom down the driver side and across to the front of the engine. As you say the injector legs then run front to back and the far bank can run under the throttle body.
    I mounted the idle motor on the cross bar under the header tank and cut out the mounting bracket.
    I have seen a few cars with the ECU mounted in the centre of the firewall, not got that far yet.
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