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    Hazard light switch flashing

    Hi all,

    wondering if anyone has come across this before. Whilst checking my AK Gen 2 for the IVA, I am come across a problem with the hazard light switch. When the right (offside) indicator is switched on, all indicators work correctly, the tell-tale light in the dash works ok and the light in the hazard switch remains off. Switch the idicator to the left (nearside) again all indicators work correctly, tale-tale light works ok, but now the light in the hazard switch flashes. I am using the savage switches and wired up as per wiring diagram in the build manual. I have tried a seperate earth direct from the switch to chassis, seperate earths off each indicator light, disconnected each indicator in turn and still no joy. The only thing so far that stops the hazard light flashing is to remove the earth wire from the back of the switch, but this stops the switch light flashing when the hazerd lights are switched on. The current earth is daisy chained from the rest of the earths on the back of the dash. Anybody come across this before or got any ideas? I do have a short video clip showing the problem, but cannot work out how to upload it as it keeps telling me wrong file format.

    cheers, Justin.

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    Re-check all connections to the hazard switch. I found i had one connection where I have made a poor Lucar crimp that could be wiggled in-situ to make things work. On other occasions the hazards failed, or I had the indicators working diagonally acros the car with 2 of them perm off.
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    This is exactly what i found, again using the savage switches.

    You need to fit a larger sized diode, this is because the Hazard setup is using the indicator wiring.

    Put this on the Left hand side facing toward the hazard switch light, make sure your indicators work as this only works one way.

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    Thanks Kevin,

    I will double check all connections again and give them a wiggle when operating.

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    Thanks Alan,

    I had the same thought about fitting a diode this morning. You don't remember what size you used by any chance?

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    I don’t understand. I’ve built numerous ak’s and not had this problem

    The savage switch light doesn’t flash with the hazards on. It should only illuminate with the lights on as the bulb gets wired to the sidelight circuit. Only the indicator tell tell lights flash with the hazard switch on

    This is the way it’s worked on every one I’ve wired and built.

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    Thanks Chimeara,

    looks like I need to go back to basics and check all wiring, connections and earths before doing anything else.

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    As Chimeara said, the hazard flasher should be illuminated by the side lights not the indicators. The hazard telltale is the dash indicator lights, not the switch.

    Either side of the two pole hazard switch is connected to one side of the indicators each.

    The LH and RH flashers have to be two completely separate circuits at the hazard switch, otherwise all 4 indicators will flash when indicating left turn or right turn.

    You have connected the light pin 2 on the LH side of the hazard switch, if you connect to pin 2 on the opposite side then the hazard light will flash with the RH indicator and not the left but it should go to the dash light feed.

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    Thanks Craig,

    Plan is to check the wiring and earths this weekend, hopefully this will cure it.

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