The reason for this question is as follows. Just been talking/interviewing a spray company down here (Kent)to do the job next year. His knowledge was very good of GRP and how to treat it etc.

The one comment he did make which i was unsure of and hence the question.......i was going to paint the inside of the wheel arches with Hammerite Waxoil body seal. He thought the bituminous product should only be used if the glass fiber has been sealed properly as the VOC's may affect the final paint finish........never heard of this...but never painted a GRP car before......the good old Jago had a British Racing Green gel coat .

Also what paint would you use on the underside of the engine bay lid (not bonnet, which will be painted same colour as external body paint) to prevent white glass fiber reflection off the stainless steel finished engine bay ? Obviously its going to be hot in there.....

Thanks, appreciate the pointers.