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    I lent my son my ageing civic when I was away for a month. He bashed 3 corners, one hard enough to burst a tyre and ended up with a motorway awareness course for being well over a variable limit ("It said 50, but the previous sign had said 60 and I was only doing 65 !").

    I think he hoped I'd know a way to get him out of the course, or at least pay for it. Not only did I make him pay it but I also made him sand and paint the bumpers with a rattle can.

    That'll teach him. 2 years on he's about to buy his first car, hopefully with a better grasp of reality.
    David (AKA Firestarter29)

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    David - good life lessons.

    To be fair she did offer to rattle can it and if/when I spray it she is going to help with (do most of!) the sanding/prep for sure!
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