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    Hi All

    Have moved to Malta for work a few years ago and now looking to buy a dream
    Due to the historic laws (on vehicles and general life here!) I'm looking for a older registered car, at least 49 years old ie registration 1970 or before.
    This bypasses the vast 37.5% import tax as an historic vehicle.
    Other than that, must have a Ford engine etc etc the list is fairly subjective so i won't rule any out.

    Please contact me if you have something that fits the bill.


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    Hi Andy,

    Welcome aboard

    Going to be a task and a half to get something that matches as i don't think there will be any legally that old. ones that are will have the original doner vehicle plate/reg - albeit this may not be an issue if being exported.

    Good luck with the search

    Conny - A Carnival Red Metallic (paint code Ref: Jag CGG/1811) Southern Roadcraft V8 ( SRV8 ) with 383ci stroker chevy.

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