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    Ford Model T - How to Start & How to Drive

    I found this video quite fascinating. A lot of pedals and controls. Manual spark advance... I heard once that if you forgot to reduce the advance, trying to crank the engine by hand could often result in a broken arm. The pedals are interesting. And the shifter/brake... Can you imagine having all that in a Cobra? It makes it quite clear that our Cobra's are a lot more modern than we might think. Anyway, I thought those of you unfamiliar with a Model T might enjoy this.

    ps: Odd.... this one can be embedded....

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    Fascinating indeed John.

    Thank you

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    Man, I'd love a model t...

    I've always loved the idea of having one, but obviously not as a commuter or anything, just imagine owning the car that started it all...

    But yeah the knockback on these cars have the potential to seriously hurt you how about some of those hand cranked planes? They'll kill a man

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    Now’s your chance......check out Autotrader....
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