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    Robin Mitchell Car For Sale

    I am posting this on behalf of Robin who is having difficulty in posting. If interested, please respond to Robin whose detail can be found further down this mail.
    427 Gardner Douglas Replica Cobra

    • Location: Sanderstead Surrey
    • Mileage Reading: 15,149
    • Chassis Number: GD427J0137
    • Engine: 5700 CC
    • Engine Number: E4TE-6015-AA-8
    • Gearbox: 5 Speed Tremec
    • Colour: Dark Fuchsia Pink
    • Interior: Oyster with Burgundy Piping

    The car was built in 2000 to Gardener Douglas Kit Standard, as featured in “Which Kit Car, June 2005”

    The car body is a Gardener Douglas one-piece rigid semi-monocoque design with double skin mouldings composite construction made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (the standard gardener Douglas design) The coachwork is in very good condition. It has front and rear stainless-steel nudge bars with Gardener Douglas double roll bars and traditional lights back and front.
    The car has a Mohair Detachable Soft Top with fixing stays and removeable Perspex side screens, plus a Mohair Tonneau cover both in excellent condition which can be easily stored in the boot.
    The 16-inch Image silver alloy wheels with traditional spinners are in perfect condition and are shod with high-performance T1 Toyo tyres. All 4 tyres have approximately 50 percent of their tread left. The spare is a space saver thin wheel which fits easily in the boot.
    Windscreen is tinted with side wind wings and tinted sun visors; the rear-view mirrors sit on each side of the wings.
    The engine is cooled though the front radiator with twin fans and through twin polished stainless-steel side vents. The radiator was up graded in 2004.
    Fuel is stored in a stainless-steel tank with an aluminium flush fuel cap on the driver’s side.
    The sides of the car are protected by alloy stone guards attached to the front of the rear wings.
    The bonnet is secured with stainless escutcheon bonnet catches.
    Running gear and steering column is reconditioned XJ6 purchased from Ward Engineering in Tilbury Essex.
    The car is fitted with twin rear exhaust silencers with a single centre balance box under the car.
    The Gardener Douglas Ladder frame is silver powder coated. With AVO Adjustable Dampers back and front.
    The high-performance starter motor was up graded in 2011.
    On the Inside
    The dash is finished in Oyster colour leather with 7 smith chrome bezel meters in the centre of the dash board. Speedometer, Rev Counter, fuel level, water temperature, charging voltage, oil pressure and clock.
    The interior is finished off with a pair of oyster leather bucket seats, with leather headrests all trimmed with burgundy piping, and a series of toggle switches which control the fan (when required), the front spot lights, heater, indicators, rear fog light. A four-spoke Raid Black Leather steering wheel with a cobra logo and a short stubby gear lever. The carpet is oyster with inlaid rubber mats.
    Safety is a Willan’s 4-point harness on both seats.

    Underneath the bonnet
    The 5.7-litre 1984 Ford 351 Windsor Roadcraft engine (Receipt says 1986 but engine number is 1984), was re-bored to +030 by Bensham Engineering in Croydon, with +030 Hypereutectic Alloy Pistons from Real Steel in Cowley. It has Edelbrock performance intake manifold with High Performance Aluminium Heads, Hydraulic Lifter Cams and Hi-tech Push Rods.
    (The engine was re-bored with the intake manifold, alloy heads, new pistons, competition cam etc in 2004. But the cam was replaced with a normal one so the car would drive ok on normal roads!)
    It breathes through a Edelbrock 1405 600CFM Performance Carburettor, and cooled through a stainless steel header tank and alloy expansion tank.
    It is fast, MPG unknown!
    The engine bay is tidy but needs a good clean, with a stainless steel Edelbrock air cleaner and “Cobra” Powered by Ford valve covers.
    The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a twin-plate clutch (fitted 3 years and a couple of thousand miles ago) and a close-ratio, five-speed Tremec 5 speed gearbox. The front brakes have XJ6 callipers, the rear has in-board XJ6 brakes. which ensures the car stops as well as it goes.
    The battery is housed in the front nearside wing together with the heater unit.
    The car has a Clova twin fan kit which can be started from within the car if required.
    The engine and body electrical loom are standard Gardener Douglas equipment, with most relays and fuses under the passenger foot well, and some under the bonnet.
    The hand brake is good and firm.
    The coil was replaced in 2017 with a flamethrower to ease starting.

    The car comes with a full 12-month MOT and MOT history. The car has been serviced each year by myself, with new oils, grease and filters etc. every year.
    The last MOT said slight play in nearside and off side lower suspension arm ball joints.

    What We Think
    Due to poor health over the past 3 years I have reluctantly decided to sell the car.
    With under 16,000 recorded dry miles and looking almost as good as the day it was built, this is a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a properly sorted Cobra replica for sensible money.
    With a guide price of £34500P1060794.jpgP1060795.jpgP1060797.jpgP1060799 (1).jpgP1060799 (1).jpgP1060801.jpg, I think this Gardner Douglas Cobra represents excellent value and is will be one of the most beautiful and fastest things in your garage. The agreed value with Adrian Flux insurance is £30,000
    The Cobra can be seen at Sanderstead, near Croydon, Surrey.
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    I’ve just found you in the system and made you registered, you should be able to post now.
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    You must have the only Gardner Douglas ladder frame chassis ever made,------- or maybe your typing finger slipped and you meant that it has the usual backbone chassis.


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    yes must have slipped thanks

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    Just checked it is a GDJAG Backbone Chassis, thanks for your comment

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    If anyone has any thoughts on the car or the spec or anything else to help it sell would be gratefully received thanks

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    Best place to get in front of potential purchasers would be at the upcoming Silverstone Classic. Get it in the club section ( Zone eight), well presented and with info sheets and contact details.

    Looks like a very wel lspecced and fairly priced car so should attract some interest. The usual dealers would be there as well who may show some interest in buying to resell.


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    Yes I though about that but holidays got in the way, how do I get the car displayed on the "OTR" section of the forum, would that be better?

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    I think you will get more views on this discussion page.
    Joint Area Rep - East Midlands Region
    AKCharlie - ''AKA SOOTY'' - AK GEN2 - LS3 - 6.2litre - 434bhp - A dream come true

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    I will probably off to get it wrapped, its only £2000,and might help sell it

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